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Our Services

Upgrade into smart lifestyle

Transform your home into an AI Smart Home with Hi-Tech functionality.

Main Functions of AI Smart Home

AI Smart Home is a smart home that can learn, think and react. It can perform more than a home automation with “IFTTT”. With AI technology, It will learn your living behaviour, your needs and execute a right action for you. Therefore, you can experience the real comfort and joy.

A Comfort and Smart Living Starts with AIOT Technology

Advantages of Owning a Smart Home

APP Control

Smart Camera and Alarm System

Smart Home Automation

AI Technology

Fast Response Time

Wireless / No Hacking / No Wiring

The Ultimate AI Smart Home Service Provider

Keyless Entry

• Effortless
• Simple, user friendly and convenient
• Enter your room without bringing your key

Alarm Sensors

• A reliable home guardian
• Alert you instantly when intruder is detected
• Scare them away by triggering the alarm

Smart Lighting

• Save energy
• App / Voice Control
• Control your
light in a
different way

App Control

• Remotely on/off your home electric appliances
• Change the ambience of environment effortlessly with a single touch of a button

Smart Curtains

• Luxury and convenient
• App/Voice control
• Scheduling control

AI Voice Control

• Your home AI assistance
• Voice control your smart devices or home appliances easily

Smart Surveillance

• 24-hour real time monitoring
• Snap picture automatically
when motion is detected


• Turn on air conditioner before returning home

After Sales Services


Customize Smart Home Solution

Good Installation Service


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